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About Us

Olsson Construction is a General Engineering and Mechanical Contractor primarily engaged in public works projects, including water and waste water treatment plants, pump stations, ground water remediation, odor control, denitrification facilities, and other water filtration and air purification related projects. We also provide consulting services for construction and engineering firms in mechanical and civil construction applications.

Founded in 1995, the key management team members each bring an average of over 30 years experience in the water and wastewater industry, with additional unique experience in a variety of other construction areas. Our crews are led by mature veteran tradesmen with years of experience building pump stations, and water and wastewater treatment plants.

We have assembled a team of leaders with integrity and character as the foundation, and we use that as the grid for adding players to the team. We strive to serve all those around us with the same respect and values as we wish to be treated.

We believe that our relationships with our customers, engineers, agencies, subcontractors, suppliers, and employees are a most important resource. We are proud to have potential customers call those whom we have served in the past to gain a perspective of who we are because we believe those references speak very clearly of our values.

We believe we have the highest quality leaders and builders in the industry, and we have programs in place to train and develop our people both technically and ethically to maintain and further that measure of excellence. We include our vision and values as a way of expressing what we are about.

What we offer:

New Construction

Expansions to Existing Facilities

Rehabilitations of Existing Facilities 

What we Specialize in:

Potable, Reclaimed and Waste Water Treatment Plants

Potable, Reclaimed and Waste Water Pump Stations

Potable, Reclaimed and Waste Water Storage Reservoirs

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Whether you have a question about our services or estimating your project, our team is ready to answer all of your questions.

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